Event styling table scape.
Space design floorplan. Rental canoe decor.

Our event stylist is here to help refine your vision into a cohesive design. Everything from your event color palette to making sure all the details tie together to create a distinct story. We will help you pick the perfect linens, style a tabletop that fits your vision, and identify areas that need attention - such as an escort card or favor display and unique props that add character to your theme. Having a professional point out items that you may not realize need to be addressed, will give you the peace of mind that your event will run smoothly and be a good time.

Besides owning a large inventory of public rentals such as tables, pipe and drape and chairs, we also have a unique inventory of decor and furnishings that are only available to events that we are hired to style. This ensures a non-typical and custom look for your day. With a warehouse that is about football field long, we have options for almost any look - elegant candle walls, a rustic wagon, lounge furniture, pedestals and panels that can be painted any color, to heavily themed decor such as carnival or zoo props. As these are not public rentals, we do not have a catalog. Decor options will be proposed once the styling has a direction.

Creating a space plan is one of the first things we like to do when designing your event. Once you know how the event looks, on paper, it is much easier to get into the details of the design, as well as develop focus to determine where your budget will be best utilized. CAD drawings for your space is a service we offer our elite weddings and events.  Layouts of an expansive outdoor space, that is difficult to measure, will be a bit abstract but close to scale, versus a building that can provide floor plans.

Centerpiece floral design.
Custom made decor pieces. Bride and groom with day of coordination.



At our warehouse, we have a fully staffed fabrications department that is constantly producing unique items that have been requested for events. A few examples of recent in-house custom builds: wood ladders and adobe columns for a southwest themed event, a white gam dance floor, 8' x 4' panels painted to give an op-art effect, all sorts of metal frames for spandex covers to make interesting stage props, a wood ceremony riser stained light grey and birch tree stands. We also have an in-house graphic artist to help supplement signage needs that may not be taken care of with your invitation artist. We have several wholesale vendors to support other needs such as paper crafts, watercolor, calligraphy and custom sewing projects.




With an in-house floral team that has won several Best of State awards, our experience in floral design gives us the skill set to create for any style of event. Whether you want  a rustic and organic feeling floral, a traditional and elegant design, or a sleek and modern look, we have a crew that can do it all. As well as having an amazing staff, we have more containers than one could imagine choosing from. Our collection includes all sizes and shapes of glassware, rustic urns and wood bowls, wine crates, urban metals, elegant silver trumpet vases.... Examples of other items that fall into our floral design category would be shepherd hooks with lanterns or hanging  jars, several types of lanterns, crystal chandeliers, tea light options and Midori ribbon.




We do offer wedding planning services - but only when we are used for the design, décor and floral for your event. Day-of coordination is our most requested planning service as it covers the most crucial part of making sure your day runs smoothly. If you don’t have time or would rather have a professional deal with the leg work leading up to your event, we will make sure you are covered with partial and full planning service options. If you are not quite sure which, or if, you need planning services on top of our custom design, decor and floral services, we are happy to talk you through it in our free consults. Our biggest concern is that you get the most for your money as well as the right amount of help for your specific needs.


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